Blog update: switched to Ghost

I've made a switch from Drupal to Ghost, which is just incredibly designed, easy-to-use blogging software. Drupal is great for larger projects, but required more effort.

Ghost is back-to-basics software, recalling the ideals of some early bloggers. There are no widgets, thank god. Feature-bloat may happen as the software evolves (there are, of course, competing definitons of what 'bare bones blogging' should include).

On the downside for me, there's no comments feature. Not that it's a big deal: I only had one comment so far on the blog, although it was a great one (thank you for that, anonymous reader!). I could outsource comments to a service like Disqus, but perhaps Ghost's lack of a comments system is simply a recognition of a broader issue: web discussion has, for better or worse, generally migrated to social media platforms.

But the upside is tremendous in terms of the wrting experience. This is what writing looks like in Ghost:

Ghost backend screenshot

The preview on the right is responsive, updating instantly, and the backend is generally wonderfully uncluttered. Adding images is likewise incredibly easy, just drag-and-drop.

Hopefully this switch will encourage more posts, because there's mountains of great early web material to share, like this video of Brian Behlendorf explaining Internet porn to Headline News in 1994: